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The following is an informal list of information and tips for homeowners to consider when maintaining the components of your home.

  • Roof - Ensure that the gutters and downspouts are clear and free flowing. If the downspouts are disconnected from the rain                                drains, make sure that the water is routed at least 5-6' away from your foundation walls.

  • Exterior - Lower the grade around your home at least 4-6" below the siding material or anywhere there might be wood/soil                                         contact.

  • Chimney - Ensure the mortar crown is solid and properly sloped (better yet, install a rain cap). You should also check the step                                    and counter flashing for any gaps or damage.

  • Garage - Make sure the auto reverse sensors for the automatic door openers are properly located (4-6" off the ground) and the                                pressure required to activate the impact reverse mechanism is properly set.

  • Kitchen - Periodically remove the kick plate and check for leaking from the underside of the appliance.

  • Bedrooms - Ensure entry doors open, close and latch properly without rubbing against the frame and that there is required                                           emergency egress.

  • Stairs - Ballusters are intact and spaced a maximum of 4" apart.

  • Smoke detectors - Batteries are a 10 year lithium, have a silence button and are tested with real smoke at least once a year.

  • Bathrooms - Check the toilet mounts to ensure there is no looseness. Do not overtighten (you may crack the porcelin).

  • Laundry Room - Always use the exhaust fan if you are doing warm or hot water washes.

  • Basement - Check the floor drain for a water seal in the trap. If the trap primer has been disconnected and it is dry, pour a quart                                  of water down it every couple of months or so.

  • Crawlspace - Ensure full soil coverage with 6 mil black visqueen plastic.

  • Attic Space - Make sure it is well ventilated (unobstructed eave and rooftop vents). Also make sure exhaust fan ducts are properly                                   routed to the outside.

  • Furnace - Change the filter often and service annually.

  • Water Heater - If not a newer, sealed unit, ensure it is elevated 18" off the garage or basement floor (anywhere flammables could                                        be stored).

  • Plumbing - Keep the water supply pressure around 60 psi and periodically check the crawlspace for leakage (especially the older                                  galvanized piping).

  • Electrical - If you have a FPE (Federal Pacific Electric) or Zinsco brand main panel, consider replacement. Consult an electrical                                   contractor.

"Inspecting to a higher standard"